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The Misconception of TED Talks

by José Ramos, TEDxUCIrvine’s Executive Director & License Holder


**Please note that this was not written with the intent to express anger or disappointment. It was not written with the intent to confront certain persons; it is just an observation that I’ve become aware of. ** 

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by Maria Khan, TEDxUCIrvine’s Director of Outreach - Internal

If you needed 10 more reasons to attend TEDxUCIrvine’s main event, The Adventure of Discovery, happening 31 May 2014, our Director of Outreach - Internal compiled a list of 10 great reasons to get your ticket today!

  1. Envision a Better Future Together: Ten incredible speakers will provide insight into their envisioned future and invite you to join the movement!

  2. SWAG: Your T-Shirt will allow your friends to ask “Hey, did you go to a TEDx conference?” and then you’ll get to tell them all about your awesome time at the conference! No effort needed.

  3. Network with Individuals from a Diverse Intellect: From scientists to activists, you are bound to meet an individual with the same interests as you and hopefully can lay down the foundation for a future collaboration.

  4. Redefine Your Perspective: Each speaker and performer will ask you to step outside of your comfort zone and explore various fields from a new viewpoint.

  5. Name Badge: TEDxUCIrvine values each attendee and designs name badges as if they are art pieces.

  6. Evok Lab-3D Printing: Explore the 3D Printing Lab in CALIT2 which aims to integrate social theory, art, computer science, and design to create new technologies and artifacts that evoke thought, debate, discussion, and consideration of a more harmonious mediated world.

  7. Photobooth: Take pictures to remember your experience at The Adventure of Discovery.

  8. Learn who’s behind McGaugh Hall: Get the chance to hear an amazing individual amongst many to share his inspiring story and …maybe even learn about the interesting building architecture.

  9. Watch Performers who Revolutionize Art: Each performer was not invited for their talent alone but the unique aspect they bring to the performance culture.

  10. Xperience the TEDx Energy: Innovation, creativity, courage, and passion create an energetic and joyous atmosphere!

Are you exciTED yet? Get your tickets here:

Intend to Understand

by Michelle Doan, TEDxUCIrvine Secretary


Each one of us has the capacity to think individual thoughts and develop unique moral values. Although we are all different individuals with unique ideas on how the world works, in order to expand upon these ideas and grow our minds, we need to be able to effectively communicate. In conversation, we need to practice True Listening without hastily returning a response. 

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During the month of April, the Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools hosted two Discover UCI events for admitted freshmen. The event allows admitted students and their families to learn more about our academic programs and majors, financial aid, housing options, campus life and the next steps for enrollment. Over two days, we had close to 2,000 attendees visit UC Irvine for Discover UCI for Freshmen!

— Monique

TEDxUCIrvine “The Adventure of Discovery” Social Media Contest!

How many of the 1,474 acres of UC Irvine have you discovered? As a freshman, my friends and I anticipated the nights we would leave open to adventure around campus. UC Irvine is a beautiful campus with hidden areas and all access WiFi which means numerous spots to watch TED Talks! Check out my favorite spots to take a break from school and refresh my perspective with a TED talk! #XMARKSTHESPOT 


What are your favorite spots to TED? Show TEDxUCIrvine on instagram with the #XMARKSTHESPOT and @TEDxUCIrvine .The best picture will get SWAG!


by Kent Pluntze, TEDxUCIrvine’s CORE Intern


Today life is full of technology, and with this technology comes the naysayers who believe that technology will be the end of us. While this is not true, putting away technology every once in a while is not only peaceful but enjoyable. It took me a long time to come to terms with this concept, but once I tried it a few times I realized that some time unplugged can be very enjoyable.

Technology can help you plan your unplugged time. There are a large variety of apps out there that will turn off everything from just internet to an entire device for a specific period of time. You can download any of these and set times that you want your devices to be turned off for. However, in my opinion, the easiest way to enjoy some time unplugged is to simply go outside without any of your gadgets.

You do not have to spend much time without technology to recognize the benefits. Within minutes you will notice how relaxed you begin to feel once the constant barrage of information stops. This is the biggest benefit of taking a little time once in a while to step back from it all. Until you cut off technology from your every day life, you do not realize the vast amount of information you process on an average day.

There are many of ways to actually unplug. Like mentioned before, turning off your technology and taking a trip outside is the easiest way to get away from it all for a short period of time. For freshman at UC Irvine, leaving your phone in your dorm and walking to the park with your friends is a great way to bond with other people while remaining unplugged.

This does not need to be something you do set aside time for every day. Today’s technology is great and has connected the world in more ways than we could imagine. Personally I try and do this when I get the impulse usually it happens every other week. Give it a try what is the worst that could happen?