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by Kent Pluntze, TEDxUCIrvine’s CORE Intern


Today life is full of technology, and with this technology comes the naysayers who believe that technology will be the end of us. While this is not true, putting away technology every once in a while is not only peaceful but enjoyable. It took me a long time to come to terms with this concept, but once I tried it a few times I realized that some time unplugged can be very enjoyable.

Technology can help you plan your unplugged time. There are a large variety of apps out there that will turn off everything from just internet to an entire device for a specific period of time. You can download any of these and set times that you want your devices to be turned off for. However, in my opinion, the easiest way to enjoy some time unplugged is to simply go outside without any of your gadgets.

You do not have to spend much time without technology to recognize the benefits. Within minutes you will notice how relaxed you begin to feel once the constant barrage of information stops. This is the biggest benefit of taking a little time once in a while to step back from it all. Until you cut off technology from your every day life, you do not realize the vast amount of information you process on an average day.

There are many of ways to actually unplug. Like mentioned before, turning off your technology and taking a trip outside is the easiest way to get away from it all for a short period of time. For freshman at UC Irvine, leaving your phone in your dorm and walking to the park with your friends is a great way to bond with other people while remaining unplugged.

This does not need to be something you do set aside time for every day. Today’s technology is great and has connected the world in more ways than we could imagine. Personally I try and do this when I get the impulse usually it happens every other week. Give it a try what is the worst that could happen?

Accomplishment and You

by Andrew Vong, TEDxUCIrvine’s Marketing & Media Videographer

We all have had to think creatively at least once in our lifetime, and no matter what the results were, there was still an initial sense of accomplishment.

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Wayzgoose & Celebrate UCI are Saturday, April 12! Join in the annual campus open house to welcome all Anteaters and the community! Zot on! 
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TEDxUCIrvine on Spring Break

The entire CORE Team was busy this spring break; we all went to new places, saw our families, and had experiences we will never forget. We hope that by sharing our experiences with you that you will too think back upon your memories of your own spring break fondly. Even if you feel like you did not do much this spring break remember that “time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted” - John Lennon.

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How do we purchase tickets for the next event on 5/2?

Asked by Anonymous

More details will be coming soon. Keep an eye on our various social media accounts; we will also be advertising around campus as the date draws closer. Also, our next event will be held on May 31st, not the 2nd!

How to be an Artist

by Katrina Dela Cruz, TEDxUCIrvine, Director of External Outreach


Step 1: Mindfully see your world

One of the most pivotal steps of becoming an artist is the ability to see what you create, whether it’s in noticing the small details of an object right in front of you, or in visualizing something in your mind. By “mindfully seeing”, I really mean “being highly aware”. Singers are aware of the tickle of details of their pitch and tone. Fine artists see exactly how light softly slashes across the round belly of a wine glass. Pastry chefs are connoisseurs of the flavor of their cakes and cookies. You have to learn how to see – and be present in – all of these details in the process of creating your masterpiece.

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Crowd-funding the next-gen of science?

Written by Dr. Michelle Khine: Professor, Scientist and Inventor


Last year TEDxUCIrvine speaker Michelle Khine proposed a bold new idea: what if we could invent inventors. Now she is trying to make that happen by crowd-funding this idea. If successful, this will be the first crowd-funded laboratory at UC Irvine and pioneers an interesting avenue to fund worthy science not supported by traditional grant-funding mechanisms.  Michelle Khine’s Lab at UC Irvine launched their 1-month Kickstarter campaign on Monday, February 24, 2014 and only have 1 week left to raise funds for their initiative to engage, enable, and empower children to ‘play’ science at an early age. 

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UC Irvine students invite Barack Obama to Commencement – and to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s site dedication in 1964.